AAC HQ – DMCA Takedown Notice

Unfortunately, after six years of operation, AAC HQ has taken out a copyright claim on our website. I hope we made finding your drill manuals, dress manuals, and field manuals a little easier. Thank you all for the support!

The Cove : Command Post

The latest chapter in the Australian Army’s online training initiative “The Cove”, has today been released. The chapter is named “Command Post”, and is aimed at developing Junior Staff in the areas of command. AACAP will continue to promote new information from this page, and The Cove into the future. Link Below. https://www.cove.org.au/category/command-post/    

“Troubled youth saved by Cadets”

An excellent story in the latest edition of Australian Army Newsletter, on a group of nine teenagers from Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre in Perth, who discovered what they could become with Australian Army Cadets. armynews.realviewdigital.com/?startpage=21&ArticleTitle=1807335#.Wng7o6IdPvY.link Sourced Story (via Australian Army Newsletter. Credit to Lt-Col Robert Barnes) : WESTERN Australia’s newest ACU has played a…

Eight Characteristics Of An Awesome NCO

An excellent post from the New Zealand Cadet Forces Facebook page, by Lieutenant Colonel Grant Morris, Commandant NZ Cadet Forces. The post raises some beneficial points on some of the essential aspects of being an NCO, particularly for those who are new NCO’s. Posted by New Zealand Cadet Forces on Saturday, January 27, 2018

Preparing a Battle Map

A great video produced by Sergeant Jarrod Philbey from the South Australian Wing of the Warrant Officer and Non Commissioned Officer Academy, explaining how to prepare and create a military Battle Map.

A Salute to Australia

This November the team at AACAP want to give you a flashback to one of the most memorable moments of our Australian Defence Force’s engagement with other nations, as we revisit the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo of 2005, held in Sydney, Australia. The event was taken part by over 1000 military personnel, all working in…

Military Stretcher Carriage

An excellent video by staff from the Warrant Officer and Non Commissioned Officer Academy – Army. In the video, the team explain how to manoeuvre a stretcher.

ANF Procedure

An outstanding video produced by staff from the SA Wing of the Warrant Officer and Non Commissioned Officer Academy – Army. The video explains the Australian National Flag (ANF) procedure. The video discusses items such as, unfurling, lowering, and furling the ANF.

Military Flotation

An excellent video by SGT Martin from the SA Wing of the Warrant Officer and Non Commissioned Officer Academy – Army, explains how to prepare your pack for field floatation.

Navigation : Bypassing

An excellent video by the North Queensland Wing of the WONCO-A. The video describes how to successfully conduct a navigational bypass of an obstacle, using either ‘boxing around’ or ‘aiming off’ methods.

Top 10 Military Gear Outlets

As you go through cadets you develop a list of well known companies that you can rely on no matter how deep your are in the metaphorical. Below are a list of the Top 10 retailers to get kit that will augment your field ability, increase comfort, or just offer a good alternative to the…

Basel Tattoo 2017

Since 2006, Basel Tattoo has been bringing the best and most spectacular military music and show formations from all over the world to Basel. Bands of the most famous royal houses lend the event an extraordinary elegance. To the present day, almost a million big and small audiences witnessed the breathtaking marching formations of the large…

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2017

From its early days, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has been an international favourite. Performers from over 48 countries have taken part in the Tattoo, and around 30 per cent of the 220,000 audience each year are from overseas. In 2017 The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo embraces a colourful theme, Splash of Tartan, playing host to a…

Conventional Navigation Part 2

Another excellent insight by the WONCO-A explaining the basics of conventional navigation. In part 2 : How to conduct a resection and how to navigate to a location by day and night using a compass and pacing.   Credit : WONCO-A

Conventional Navigation Part 1

An excellent insight by the WONCO-A explaining the basics of conventional navigation. In part 1 : six figure grid references, measuring bearings and distances, and converting a bearing. Credit : WONCO-A

How to pack a pack

In this short and practical video, SGT Ryan Biss (an instructor at WONCO-A) explains how to pack your pack to ensure that it is balanced and sits correctly on your back. He also explains how to ensure that commonly used items are most accessible. Credit : SGT Ryan Biss, WONCO-A

Trooping the Colour 2017

The Sovereign’s birthday is officially celebrated by the ceremony of Trooping the Colour. This impressive display of pageantry takes place on a Saturday in June by her personal troops, the Household Division, on Horse Guards Parade, with Her Majesty the Queen herself attending and taking the salute. Over 1400 officers and men are on parade,…